Photography is an entirely amateur adventure for me – a vehicle for storytelling distinct from the way I use words. As a writer and copywriter, I find it useful to have a baseline understanding of image and visual language.


selected work

Storytelling is the favoured lovechild of expression. Language can move your emotions with simple imagery that is compelling and beautiful. Sometimes, it is not even a fully formed phrase, yet it proves itself enough to communicate multitudes.

Wallpaper*: olange embodies Mother Earth to tell the story of time and creation for Louis XIII cogna
Wallpaper*: ‘Body Vessel Clay’ explores the legacy of Black female ceramic artists
Wallpaper*: ‘We Are History’ confronts the climate emergency through a global art lens
Roundtable Journal: Three female artists on
Wallpaper*: ‘Citizens of Memory’: nostalgia and the Black experience explored
Highsnobeity: Retribution by Philipp Groth
gal-dem: Border Nation
Wallpaper*: Design in an Age of Crisis
Elephant Magazine: Genieve Figgis
Art of this Place: How to Art
Wallpaper*: Akasha Rabut
Wallpaper*: Matthew McGarry
Wallpaper*: Shirin Neshat
THIIIRD Magazine
Sweet-Thang Zine
Syrup Magazine: Border
Counter Editions' Olympic Art
Wallpaper* Frites Atelier