selected work

Storytelling is the favoured lovechild of expression. Language can move your emotions with simple imagery that is compelling and beautiful. Sometimes, it is not even a fully formed phrase, yet it proves itself enough to communicate multitudes.

Wallpaper*: olange embodies Mother Earth to tell the story of time and creation for Louis XIII cogna
Wallpaper*: ‘Body Vessel Clay’ explores the legacy of Black female ceramic artists
Wallpaper*: ‘We Are History’ confronts the climate emergency through a global art lens
Roundtable Journal: Three female artists on
Wallpaper*: ‘Citizens of Memory’: nostalgia and the Black experience explored
Highsnobeity: Retribution by Philipp Groth
gal-dem: Border Nation
Wallpaper*: Design in an Age of Crisis
Elephant Magazine: Genieve Figgis
Art of this Place: How to Art
Wallpaper*: Akasha Rabut
Wallpaper*: Matthew McGarry
Wallpaper*: Shirin Neshat
THIIIRD Magazine
Sweet-Thang Zine
Syrup Magazine: Border
Counter Editions' Olympic Art
Wallpaper* Frites Atelier